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Baseball: Fiction for the Fans


The Fan
Peter Abrahams
Knife salesman Gil Renard’s life is spiraling out of control as he loses his job and family, then turns to robbery and murder. His obsession with ballplayer Bobby Rayburn furthers his frightening slide into madness and leads to and an on-the-field showdown.

Strike Zone: A Novel
Jim Bouton
Minor Leaguer Sam Ward is unexpectedly called up to pitch for the Cubs in a game that will decide who goes to the play-offs. His path crosses with soon to retire umpire Ernie Kolcka, who has been asked to fix the game by a man who once saved his life.

Blue Ruin: A Novel of the 1919 World Series
Brendan Boyd
Small-time gambler Joseph Sullivan helps concoct the scam that changed the face of baseball when he accepts the chance to fix the World Series, a choice with unforeseen consequences, including eight White Sox players being banned from the game for life.

Play for a Kingdom
Tom Dyja
A unique, moving novel set during the Civil War, when the only things Union and Confederate soldiers at Spotsylvania had in common were the games of baseball they played in a small clearing between days of tragic, desperate battles.

Temporary Insanity
Jay Johnstone
Former L.A. Dodger Johnstone takes a humorous look at life as a ballplayer, recalling some of the craziest plays he and teammates pulled to keep the game lively for players and fans.

Shoeless Joe
W.P. Kinsella
A voice with the message, “If you build it, he will come,” inspires Ray Kinsella to carve a baseball diamond out of his corn fields to honor his hero, Shoeless Joe Jackson, in a lyrical novel that is as much about fathers, sons, and dreams as it is about baseball.

Battle Creek
Scott Lasser
Gil Dawson’s amateur Michigan baseball team always seems to make it to the finals but never wins when it counts. This year, though, Gil is faced with personal tragedies and pushes for the win he feels is the only thing that can shelter him from his grief.

The Natural
Bernard Malamud
The first novel ever written about baseball is also a story of what might have been. Roy Hobbs’ opportunity to join the Majors at age 19 was destroyed by a shooting that left him without a career, until a second chance at the big leagues in his mid-thirties gave him and a losing team an unexpected run at glory.

The Heavenly World Series: Timeless Baseball Fiction
Frank O’Rourke
Short baseball stories, including the title story about National and American League players in the heavenly realm playing an ongoing game to determine the greatest team of all time.

Double Play
Robert B. Parker
As Jackie Robinson is breaking the color barrier in 1947, Dodgers manager Branch Rickey hires a shady, emotionally deadened World War II veteran to be Robinson’s bodyguard. An exciting fictionalization of a groundbreaking ballplayer and his times.

Be the One
April Smith
This sports thriller follows baseball’s only female Major League scout Cassidy Sanderson to the Dominican Republic, where she signs 18-year-old wonder Alberto Cruz. Upon returning to LA, Cassidy and Alberto find themselves in the midst of a voodoo-inspired blackmail plot.

Baseball Cat
Garrison Allen
Amateur sleuth Penelope Warren and her feline companion, Big Mike, investigate the strange death of the owner of a local semi-professional baseball team, who was found beat to death with a baseball bat during an annual festival.

Tigers Burning: A Duffy House Mystery
Crabbe Evers
Retired sportswriter Duffy House is called upon to investigate the suspicious death of the leader of a group dedicated to saving their local historic baseball stadium, to the chagrin of the stadium owners, who stand to make money from a new ballpark.

Last Man Out
Donald Honig
When police accuse a rookie Brooklyn Dodger of murder in 1946, a world-weary New York sportswriter thinks he is innocent and delays following the Dodgers to spring training in order to help him clear his name.

Murder at Wrigley Field
Troy Soos
In 1918, when army enlistments depleted the ranks of the Cubs, and anti-German sentiment abounded, Mickey Rawlings is asked to find out who is behind the sabotage of several Cubs games. After his best friend, Willie Kaiser, is murdered in the crowded ballpark, Rawlings sets out to find the killer.


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