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Occult and Supernatural

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Ray Bradbury
Two boys must save the souls of their town when an evil carnival descends one autumn night. It lures townspeople with a siren’s song promising eternal youth, beauty and happiness, but destroying every life it touches.

The Regulators
Richard Bachman
An alien intelligence takes over the mind of an autistic boy obsessed with TV westerns and action shows, and decides to bring the screen images to life. As gunfire, burning buildings, and dead bodies alarm the neighbors, they find that their very neighborhood has been transformed to a vision resembling a child’s drawing. Action, tension and violence abound in this novel by Stephen King’s alter ego.

The Inheritor
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Strange events befall Leslie Barnes from the day she moves into her new home, and to her horror, she realizes she is living in a vortex of magical power. She must now protect that power from those who would use it for dark purposes, partnering with a medium and psychic investigator who help her stand against evil.

Treasure Box
Orson Scott Card

Quentin has always been an isolated, lonely man, but once he meets Madeleine, his life seems to turn around and he marries her within weeks of their first meeting. However, when he meets his new wife’s relatives in their unsettling family home, Quentin realizes that both the house and Madeleine are hiding dark secrets.

The Complete Poems and Stories of Edgar Allen Poe (Volumes 1 and 2)
Edgar Allen Poe
The disturbing link between many of Poe’s works is the source of the stories’ evil, depravity and deception: the human heart and soul. Read the terror and suspense of The Pit and the Pendulum , the classic Gothic horror of The Fall of the House of Usher , and the lurking insanity of The Tell-Tale Heart.

R. L. Stine
When Sarah first marries Irish folklore professor Liam, she find his adherence to old superstitions charming, but soon his quirk appears to be an obsession to ‘keep the demons at bay.’ Soon, she finds out that Liam is connected to all the victims of a series of grisly murders that have plagued the college campus where they both work, and she begins to wonder if the demon is her own husband. Explicit sex and gore.

Night Magic
Thomas Tryon

A wizard with supernatural powers enchants young amateur magician Mike, who is enthralled by the knowledge and secrets the older man possesses. He is torn between the human life he has been leading and the dark, mystical world he has been shown. The idea of possessing ancient knowledge and powers that few men know is a seductive force driving Mike, but as he is drawn deeper into the world of magic, his life takes a sinister turn until he is forced to choose between his new life and the old.

The Picture of Dorian Gray
Oscar Wilde
Victorian tale of a beautiful young man whose newly painted portrait is so exquisite, he rashly wishes that he could be eternally perfect. Attaining perpetual beauty at the cost of his soul, Dorian’s appearance over the years remains youthful and innocent, while his portrait reflects his age as well as the decadence and corruption in his soul.

Flowers in the Attic
V. C. Andrews
Terrifying story of four children kept locked in an attic as their mother awaits her inheritance. Locked in for four years, the children experience a tragic combination of neglect and abuse at the hands of their own family, until their isolation and confusion force them to rebel against their captors.

Dean Koontz
Police officers Jack Dawson is called on to stop Baba Lavelle, a voodoo practitioner who uses his knowledge to send demons after his intended victims. Baba must kill the entire mafia family responsible for his brother’s death, in order to revenge himself and keep the respect of the voodoo gods. When Jack gets in his way, Baba unleashes terrifying supernatural forces on him, but Jack is determined to stop Baba before anyone else winds up dead.


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