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Emily Barr

Lina leads an unexciting life in small Craggy Rock, Australia with her husband, son, and job as a schoolteacher, but she must confront her tumultuous past and put her life at risk when an old friend who thinks Lina is dead sees her at a wedding and starts asking too many questions.  

Lois Battle
The Past is Another Country

In a West Australian convent school, three very different girls forged a friendship. Now, as adults, they are all at crossroad and must look to their ties to one another and to their faith for answers.

Dianne Blacklock
Call Waiting: A Novel

All Ally wants is to be more like her friend Meg, who is successful and has a fantastic family; meanwhile, Meg longs for the freedom and excitement Ally takes for granted. Their quests for what is missing in their lives lead to more than these best friends bargained for, as each must reevaluate what is truly most important in her life.

Peter Carey
True History of the Kelly Gang

Australian folk-hero Ned Kelly recounts the last years of his life, marked by a nearly two-year manhunt and untimely execution. Based on a true story, this retelling is notable for its portrayal of Kelly as not just an outlaw but also a man, one with a family, friends, and difficult choices to make.  

Peter Shann Ford
The Keeper of Dreams

An Aborigine raised by a white family, Dr. Robert Ehrhard is now a successful astrophysicist. When a sacred stone is stolen from his tribe, Robert recieves visions that call him back to his native home, forcing him to give up the life he knows and become the protector of his people.  

David Malouf
Remembering Babylon

Shipwrecked as a child in 1845 and taken in by Aborigines, Gemmy has lived most of his life among them, but with memories of his past plaguing him, he makes himself known to a local white family, who fear this “white Aborigine.”  

LP FIC MCCULLOU (Large print)
Colleen McCullough
Morgan’s Run

Based on the life of one of Australia’s first settlers, Richard Morgan, who survived the tragic loss of his family and a traumatic voyage from England, only to face a fight to make a new life for himself and the other British men and women who have been transported to the Australian colony.

Colleen McCullough
The Thorn Birds

A saga full of adventure, bittersweet romance, and the changes that befall the Cleary family and the land they love, beginning on an Australian sheep station in the early 20th century and ending fifty years later. At the center is the forbidden love between Meggie Cleary and priest Ralph, which spans decades of heartache and happiness.

Tamara McKinley
Matilda’s Last Waltz

The death of her husband and child devastated Jenny Sanders, but the reading of her husband’s will reveals a new life waiting for her at an Australian sheep station. Upon her arrival, Jenny finds the diaries of the station’s last caretaker, Matilda, whose strength and wisdom inspire Jenny to embrace life again.

Michael Meehan
The Salt of Broken Tears: A Nove
In the salt flats of Australia , a mysterious young woman arrives out of nowhere, disturbing the peaceful life of a farming family. When she suddenly disappears, leaving behind only a bloody dress, a young boy sets out with his horse and his dog to find the one man who may know the truth behind her strange departure.  

LP FIC MORGAN (Large print)
Marlo Morgan
Mutant Message Down Under

Invited on a ‘walkabout’ with a group of Aborigines, an American woman finds herself ill prepared for the four-month journey she has undertaken. The challenges she faces are real, but she is richly compensated with lessons in Aboriginal life and culture that transform the way she looks at the world.

Liane Moriarty
Three Wishes: A Novel

Lyn suddenly starts having panic attacks, Cat’s husband is having an affair, and Gemma has lost yet another in a string of jobs, but these triplets use a blend of sassy humor and feel-good sentimentality to push each other into becoming their best selves, even in the midst of hardship.  

Patricia Shaw
The Feather and the Stone

In 1870’s Australia , shipwrecked and abandoned Sibell Delahunty must place her trust in a lower-class man in order to reach Perth, and hopefully a new life. Their travels take them to a meeting with a small group of Aborigines along the way to a cattle station in the outback, but it is Sibell’s transformation from a spoiled girl to a strong, mature woman among unfamiliar people and territory that form the backbone of this survival tale.

Janet Tanner
All That Glisters

Escaping the Irish potato famine by moving to Australia, Tara Murphy takes a job as a nanny and housekeeper for James Hanny and his six-year-old son. James falls in love with Tara, but doesn’t suspect that Tara’s flight from Ireland helped her hide a dangerous secret that may be catching up with her.


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