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Red Poppies

Ambitious, sensuous, with intriguing characters, panoramic settings, and high drama, this novel opens a window on pre-occupation Tibet. It is the story of the wealthy 1930’s Maiqi family: its powerful chieftain, his Han Chinese wife, his first son and heir, and his second, “idiot” son, the novel’s narrator and unlikely hero.

Alma Alexander
The Secrets of Jin-Shei:A Novel

In a mythical ancient kingdom, mothers pass on to their daughters a centuries-old language and the tradition of jin-shei, the pledging of loyalty and friendship between women. When eight young girls, including China’s future empress, pledge to one another, their lives, and the course of the kingdom, will be altered forever.  

David W. Ball
China Run: a Novel

A clerical error could force American Allison Turk to give up the baby girl she has traveled to China to adopt. To prevent this from happening, she absconds with her baby, leaving destruction in her wake during her desperate journey to the American embassy halfway across the country.  

Lan Samantha Chang

Sisters Junan and Yinan vow to stay together after their mother’s suicide. Eventually, Junan enters an arranged marriage to soldier Li-Ang and falls deeply in love with him before he is sent to war. Unable to leave the capital, she sends Yinan to keep her husband’s house while he is away, leading to a disastrous betrayal that divides the family for generations.

Terrence Cheng
Sons of Heaven: A Novel

Set in China in 1989, we follow a dissident, his ideologically opposed brother who has been sent to apprehend him, and Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader behind the events at Tiananmen Square. An emotional novel set among political turmoil and the effect it has on family members forced to choose sides, even against one another.

Dai Sijie
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

During China’s cultural revolution, two middle-class boys are sent to the country for “re-education,” and there discover a trunk containing forbidden works of Western literature, whose contents delight the downtrodden boys, as well as the local tailor and Little Seamstress, who are a rapt audience to the boys’ retellings of the stories they find.  

Simon Elegant
A Floating Life: The Adventures of Li Po: An Historical Novel

For his part in a royal prince's treachery, Li Po sails to exile, telling his story to a young scholar on the boat. His dramatic and witty retelling of his life includes the rescue of damsels in distress, a flight on the back of an eagle, and life as an imperial advisor and renowned poet.

Lisa Huang Fleischman
Dream of the Walled City

After her imperial official father dies, Jade Virtue finds herself thrust away from her sheltered life to one of poverty, and experiences hardship and joy as China faces social upheaval and the emergence of communism.  

Kazuo Ishiguro
When We Were Orphans

Christopher Banks, an English boy born in early 20th-century Shanghai, is orphaned at age nine when his parents disappear under suspicious circumstances. Twenty years older and a renowned detective, he returns to Shang-hai to solve the mystery of the disappearances.

Ha Jin

Doctor Lin Kong is torn between duty and his heart when he falls in love with an educated and dynamic nurse while still married to the meek, humble woman to whom his family married him when they were very young. A deliberately paced, thoughtful look at the difficulties faced by those oppressed by tradition even as they choose to honor it.  

Jeanne Larsen
Silk Road : A Novel of Eighth-Century China
A historical fantasy about Greenpearl, a girl who is kidnapped at the age of seven, sold into slavery, and eventually becomes a courtesan. She never gives up hope of seeing her mother and father again, and travels the Silk Road on a quest to find them. Gods, goddesses, monks and ghosts help her throughout her mystical journey.

Anchee Min
Becoming Madame Mao

A fictional portrait of Jiang Ching follows her life from her youth as the unwanted daughter of a concubine, to her search for fame as an actress in Shanghai, to her marriage to revolutionary Mao Zedong, to her role in the Communist rule of China, as her strength of will helps her gain a powerful, influential role during turbulent times.

LP FIC TAN (Large print)
CASS FIC TAN (Book on cassette)
Amy Tan
The Hundred Secret Senses

Olivia’s world is turned upside down by Kwan, her seventeen-year-old half-sister from China. Kwan's stories of ghosts of another time have a profound impact on Olivia's life and imagination, until she discovers a way to reconcile the ghosts of the past with her dreams of the future, culminating in a trip to the village where Kwan grew up.


David Rotenberg
The Shanghai Murders: Of Love and Ivory

Shanghai detective Zhong Fong immerses himself in work after the death of his wife and child, and is assigned the grisly case of the “Dim Sum Killer,” who not only kills but also dismembers his victims. When Fong becomes the next target, he must confront his past to stay one step ahead of the murderer.

Qui Xiaolong
Death of a Red Heroine

When a young national model worker is found murdered in a canal, Chief Inspector Chen Cao, a respected detective with a love of poetry, heads the politically charged case, and must unravel the intrigue surrounding the victim before he can catch her killer.


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