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LP FIC ADLER (Large print)
Elizabeth Adler
The Hotel Riviera

Lola Laforet and her husband Patrick were happy co-owners of the Hotel Riviera, until Patrick mysteriously disappeared. Six months later Lola and new neighbor Jack set out on a charming romp through France, trying to track down Patrick before Lola loses the hotel to some shady characters who claim they are its true owners.

Robert Daley 
Nowhere to Run

Thrown off the force after a series of busts gone bad, ex-NYPD cop Jack Dilger escapes to the Riviera, where he meets Madeleine Leclerq, a beautiful French detective fired for investigating corrupt politicians. Soon, they begin a passionate liaison and join forces against the enemies that stalk them.

CASS FIC FLAUBERT (Book on cassette)
Gustave Flaubert
Madame Bovary
Emma Bovary, a nineteenth-century French woman pursues her romantic notions through a series of lovers, causing her to live extravagantly and beyond her means, in the moving story of a woman with a rich fantasy life who can’t accept that her dreams may be unrealizable.

Judith Gould
The Parisian Affair

Struggling jewelry designer Allegra is hired by a reclusive billionaire to be his representative at a Paris auction and bid on a famous emerald ring. She soon gets caught up in a high-stakes game of international intrigue and dangerous romance in the unfamiliar territory of high society.

LP FIC HARRIS (Large print)
Joanne Harris
Chocolat: A Novel

Beautiful Vianne arrives in traditional Lansquenet during Lent, a time of self-denial, and opens a chocolate shop that tempts even the most pious. Her exquisite treats help the towns-people rediscover the joy in their everyday lives, but the local priest still resists her ethereal charm, declaring all-out war on the chocolaterie.

Wendy Holden
Azur Like It

This fun, fast-paced read sees Kate Mercury dreaming of a life as a star reporter for a London newspaper, but stuck at her sleepy hometown paper. She thinks her big break has finally arrived when she heads off to cover the Cannes film festival, but abandoned by her escort in the south of France, she must depend on the kindness of strangers to find her way back home.

Ward S. Just
Ambition and Love

Longing for the free and unfettered life of a Parisian artist, Georgia leaves America for France . Her conflict between desire, love, and her artistic passions will delight readers who enjoy reading about strong characters and their inner struggles.

Peter Mayle
A Good Year

A lighthearted romp through the trials and triumphs of Max Skinner, whose London financial career is failing when he inherits a vineyard in Provence, along with its strange caretaker, prim housekeeper, and Max’s long-lost cousin, who claims ownership of the estate.

Sarah Smith
A Citizen of the Country

Count de Monde rejects a commission in the army and instead opts to run the Grand Necropolitan horror theater in Paris with his wife, a beautiful, young heiress. Their marriage is disrupted by the Count's dark fears about his wife and by the real-life plots, suspicious accidents and murder that plagues the theater.



Michael Bond
Monsieur Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines

Monsieur Pamplemousse attends the filming of a popular televised cooking show, and is unwittingly the witness to the host’s murder by poisoned oyster live on the air. His investigation into the murder moves along to delightful comic effect as he discovers more about the surprisingly bizarre life of the renowned chef.

Aaron J. Elkins
Skeleton Dance: A Novel

The Institut de Prehistoire is taxed to its limits when a dog uncovers some suspicious skeletal remains and fresh bodies begin piling up. Forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver and his wife Julie agree to assist the local inspector, leading to an entertaining and informative look at the prehistory of France and the intrigue of the academic world.

Ian Fleming
Casino Royale

The world’s first meeting with Bond—James Bond—finds him attempting to thwart a Russian spy over a game of baccarat in a ritzy French casino, enduring torture at the hands of his enemies, and involved in an affair with a sexy female spy.

Georges Simenon
Maigret’s Rival

Maigret is asked to help a friend’s brother-in-law who is accused of slander, but soon realizes that his investigation may ruin the very man he has come to help, in this suspenseful and atmospheric tale of a provincial French town and its closely guarded secrets.

Graham R. Wood
Detective Lariant Investigates: A WorldKrime Mystery

Detective Lariant takes on two cases in this one volume. In Death In a Ditch, he investigates an intriguing cast of suspects in the murder of a strange small-town antiques dealer. In Murder in the Vendee, he must determine if a dead Count’s son is also his killer.


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