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Love is in the Air



306.7 TRUE
Robert Fulghum
True Love: Stories Told To and By Robert Fulghum

“Tell me a short love story and I will buy you coffee and make you famous.” This was the claim of Robert Fulghum when he set out to write this quirky collection of true tales, which is by turns funny, sad and sweet. For fans of true romance, this collection is sure to delight.



LP FIC BARNETT (Large print)
Jill Barnett
Sentimental Journey

Set against the turmoil of WWII, this novel follows five people as they try to find a place for love in a world full of chaos. Sweeping from North Africa to America to Europe, this book provides plenty of adventure and intrigue along with romance.

LP FIC BROWN (Large print)
Sandra Brown
The Crush

Surgeon Rennie Newton, along with 11 other members of the jury, had voted to acquit accused killer Ricky Lozada. But now that Lozada is a free man, he has become obsessed with Rennie, and when Rennie’s chief rival at the hospital is murdered, she wonders if Lozada is behind the killing. Unfortunately, as far as Detective Wick Threadgill is concerned, Rennie is also a suspect. Rennie and Wick’s story is for fans of romantic suspense.

Jane Feather

Returning from war to claim his inheritance, Sylvester Gilbraith is stunned to find that according to the terms of the Earl of Stoneridge’s will, he must marry one of the Earl’s granddaughters or forfeit everything. Theodora, who loves the estate, plans on being the bride in question, but doesn’t plan on falling in love with Sylvester.

Julie Garwood
The Secret

Set in the 12th century, this story centers on a woman traveling from England to Scotland to help her friend through the birth of her first child. The charming heroine Elizabeth’s wit and beauty immediately capture the attention of the man who has come to escort her across the border. That he is laird of the Maitland clan, and as such, cannot marry an English woman, only makes Elizabeth seem more alluring.

Stephanie Laurens
The Perfect Lover

Attending a house party can be deadly dull--or just deadly. When the hostess of a gathering in a home outside of London is murdered, Portia Ashford is the unlucky guest who discovers the body. Now the killer is after Portia, who must team up with Simon Cynster, her friend and potential husband, to stop the murderer before he can add Portia’s murder to his crimes.

Amanda Quick
Slightly Shady

An Englishwoman running an antique shop in Rome, Lavinia Lake enjoys her independence. But when private investigator Tobias March follows a band of criminals to her very shop, Lavinia realizes her life may be in danger, and joins forces with Tobias to solve a murder. Amanda Quick is one pen name of Jayne Ann Krentz, so if you enjoy Krentz, try Quick!

Nora Roberts
The Villa

Set in California wine country, this story of the merging of two prominent wineries has romance and suspense alike, with a love story between the heirs of the two wineries who are both opposed to the merger, and a mysterious attempt to destroy the new partnership involving poison, gunplay, and betrayal.

Nicholas Sparks
The Rescue

When volunteer firefighter Taylor McAden saves the life of Denise Holden’s child, both mother and son become attached to the heroic Taylor. But when Taylor and Denise’s relationship becomes more serious, he begins to pull away, until a tragedy in their small town reveals a secret he can no longer keep hidden from Denise.

Danielle Steel
The House on Hope Street

When Liz Sutherland is suddenly widowed after 18 years of marriage, she struggles to be both mother and father to her five children, while returning to the workforce. Liz starts believing she can love again when she meets Dr. Bill Webster, a surgeon who saves her son’s life, but can she find happiness so soon after her husbands death?

Leanne Banks
Some Girls Do

Chasing after runaway heiresses was not in Katie Collins’ job description. But when Katie’s boss offers her $100,000 to find his daughter Wilhelmina, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. Unfortunately, neither can she refuse the escort of security expert Michael Wingate, who is also hired to bring back Wilhelmina.

LP FIC KRENTZ (Large print)
Jayne Ann Krentz
Eclipse Bay

Hannah Harte and Rafe Madison are in the middle of a family feud that has gone on for three generations. When a joint inheritance brings them together, they must put the feud aside in order to work together, and to solve a murder. This is the first book in the Eclipse Bay trilogy.

Susan Wiggs
The Firebrand

Wealthy radical Lucy Hathaway’s life changes dramatically when a dying woman thrusts a child into her arms just as she is escaping the Great Chicago Fire. For five years, Lucy raises the child as her own, but after she meets banker Randolph Higgins, she realizes her daughter may not be an orphan after all.


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