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CASS FIC ANSA (Book on cassette)
Tina McElroy Ansa
The Hand I Fan With

At 45, Lena McPherson is tired of taking responsibility for everyone’s well-being in her home town of Mulberry, Georgia. Wanting something not satisfied by her vast material possessions, she and her girlfriend conjure up a lover, a ghost who fulfills Lena ’s physical needs while deepening her spiritual awareness.

CASS 975.8 BERENDT (Book on cassette)
John Berendt
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Society matrons, drag queens, a piano player who gives unauthorized tours of other people’s historic homes—everyone in Savannah has an opinion about John Williams, on trial for murdering his young male lover.

Wendell Berry
A World Lost

Young Andy Catlett is enjoying a forbidden solo swim on a hot July day when his Uncle Andrew, for whom he is named and whom he adores, is murdered. Over the decades that follow, Andy gradually reaches a deeper understanding of his uncle, the murder, his family, and himself.

Rick Bragg
All Over But the Shoutin’
Born and bred poor white trash in Alabama, Bragg has a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude toward those who have had an easier life; this is both a source of strength and a stumbling block as he goes on the win the Pulitzer Prize as a New York Times reporter.

CASS FIC BURNS (Book on cassette)
Olive Ann Burns
Cold Sassy Tree

A memorable year for fourteen-year-old Will Tweedy in his small Georgia town: he gets run over by a train and lives to tell the tale, kisses his first girl, and witnesses his grandfather’s marriage to a young milliner three weeks after his grandmother died.

Mark Childress
Crazy in Alabama

In the summer of 1965 Peejoe’s Aunt Lucille murders her husband and takes off for Hollywood with his head in a Tupperware container, dumping her children on Meemaw, the grandmother who had been raising Peejoe and his brother. The boys are taken in by undertaker Uncle Dove just as the town’s civil rights movement turns violent, and uncle and nephews struggle to do the right thing.

(Book on CD)
Clyde Edgerton
Walking Across Egypt
No one can resist 78-year-old Mattie Rigsbee’s cooking: not dogcatcher Lamar Benfield, his juvenile delinquent nephew Wesley, the sheriff and deputies who come to return Wesley to the Rehabilitation Center , nor the bewildered girlfriend of her son and boyfriend of her daughter who get caught in Mattie’s unorthodox scheme to help Wesley.

William Faulkner
As I Lay Dying

The Bundren family makes a macabre journey across Mississippi with the corpse of matriarch Addie, intent on burying her in her home town. Voices of each family member and various others combine to give a multilayered account of events and personalities.

Fannie Flagg
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

Dena Nordstrom, rising young television newswoman, thinks she has left her childhood home of Elmwood Springs, Missouri far behind in her climb to success. But stress disrupts her life until she can no longer put off dealing with her past.

CASS FIC MARON (Book on cassette)
Margaret. Maron
Bootlegger’s Daughter
Attorney Deborah Knott expects difficulties with her campaign for judgeship because she’s a woman trying to infiltrate the old boy network of North Carolina’s Colleton County and because she’s the daughter of notorious ex-bootlegger Kezzie Knott. Her real troubles start, however, when Gail Whitehead, for whom Deborah used to babysit, asks her to investigate the 18-year-old murder of her mother.

CASS FIC MCCRUMB (Book on cassette)
Sharyn McCrumb
The Rosewood Casket

Randall Stargill’s four very different sons come back to the family’s Appalachian farm to build his coffin, as he lies dying. When Randall’s former sweetheart, Nora Bonesteel, brings them a small rosewood casket filled with human bones and asks them to bury it with Randall, Sheriff Spencer Arrowood has to investigate an old mystery.

Anne Rivers Siddons
Peachtree Road
The life of Sheppard Gibbs Bondurant, only child of an aristocratic Atlanta family, is molded by his childhood promise to protect his unstable cousin Lucy and by the civil rights movement which affects their entire class.

Lee Smith
Fair and Tender Ladies

Ivy Rowe, a Virginia mountain girl, is born with the 20th century. Her story, told entirely through her letters, reflects not only her own growth from childhood to old age, but the changes in Appalachia throughout her lifetime.

Eudora Welty
The Optimist’s Daughter

Coming home to New Orleans for her distinguished father’s final illness and death, 45 year old Laurel Hand reevaluates her relationship with him and tries to comprehend his late marriage to a vulgar woman her own age.

CASS FIC WHITE (Book on cassette)
Bailey White
Quite a Year for Plums

Sit right down on the porch and enjoy a visit with the eccentric, opinionated folks in this small Georgia town near the Florida border: Roger, a plant pathologist; his ex-wife Ethel, a schoolteacher; her mother Louise who is visited by space aliens; Jim, a fanatical collector of electric desk fans; Bruce, an equally fanatical typographer; and their friends and neighbors.


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