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Kevin J. Anderson
Space shuttle Atlantis, with its team of Russian and American astronauts, is 20 minutes from lift-off when it comes under attack by a ruthless band of terrorists who stage a takeover of NASA’S Cape Canaveral launch center, seize hostages, and threaten to blow up the Atlantis. Only Colonel Adam “Iceberg” Friese, sidelined from the mission by injuries, can organize a successful counterattack and stop the clock before the countdown reaches ignition!

Larry Bond
First Team

This page-turning thriller is the first in a series of novels spotlighting wars fought not by armies, but by small groups of highly trained experts called the First Team. A quantity of radioactive waste being shipped across the former Soviet Union has gone missing and in the wrong hands can be used to create a “dirty bomb” capable of wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting world. The Team’s mission: locate the material and neutralize the threat.

Dale Brown
Battle Force
In this realistic tale of warfare and global politics, U. S. Air Force aerial warfare expert Major General Patrick McLanahan and his crew of daring engineers are devising the air combat unit of the future known as Air Battle Force, a secret experimental unit. With Taliban fighters planning a raid into oil-rich Turkmenistan its up to McLanahan and his unit to stop them. Air Battle Force has a great combination of cutting-edge military technology and suspense.      

Tom Clancy
Patriot Games
Jack Ryan, the naval historian who freelances for the CIA, is on vacation with his family in London when he stumbles onto an attempt by a new Irish revolutionary group to kidnap the Prince and Princess of Wales and their young son. Ryan manages to save them, but in doing so he becomes the target of the surviving terrorists. Sweeping from England to Ireland to the U.S. this story is filled with international terrorism and action-packed excitement.

Stephen Coonts
Liberty: A Jake Grafton Novel

This espionage thriller continues the adventures of Admiral Jake Grafton. A rogue Russian general has sold four nuclear warheads to a radical Islamic terrorist group, the Sword of Islam. Grafton must locate the terrorists and weapons before they are detonated in the United States, triggering a nuclear holocaust. Soon he is up to his neck in power polictics, techno-billionaires, traitors, anarchists, and spies.

Harold Coyle
Against All Enemies

This chillingly plausible military thriller begins with an Oklahoma City-style terrorist attack and a bloody militia FBI standoff. A rebel band in Idaho who call themselves the Patriots want freedom from government control, no matter how much deadly force it takes. Their well-planned acts of terrorism can’t be ignored and they must be stopped. Lieutenant Nathan Dixon, son of a famous general, is called upon to stop them. Nathan’s stepmother, prominent journalist Jan Fields, is also covering the news and discovers right-wing Idaho governor George Thompson has an agenda of his own.

Michael DiMercurio
Phoenix Sub Zero

In this underwater thriller the United Islamic Front of God, comprised of 30 Islamic nations, is losing its world war with the Western Coalition, comprised of European countries and the U.S. To turn the tide, the Front and its leader, General Sihoud, plan to launch a plutonium bomb at Washington D.C. from aboard a Japanese-built sub. Captain Mike Pacino, of the USS Seawolf is chosen to find the hidden enemy and save the day.

Payne Harrison
Thunder of Erebus

In the near future, a Soviet-American scientific project drilling deep below the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica has dug up core samples rich in rubidium, an element essential to America’s secret new strategic defense superweapon, the “graser.” Cold war gets new life as the Russians launch a sudden, fast, multiforce attack on the scientific base in Antarctica. What follows are the largest naval battles since World War II, with electrifying air battles between Soviet and American top guns, high-tech combat on Antarctica’s glaciers and mountains, and a heart stopping duel between submarines deep undersea.  

Richard Herman
The Last Phoenix
In this action packed thriller, a sudden Chinese invasion of Malaysia is quickly followed by an attack on Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , and the United Arab Emirates by an alliance of Iraq , Iran, and Syria . When U.S. troops are dispatched to the Middle East to protect U.S. oil interests, President Maddy Turner must react to a global crisis of world-altering proportions. Turner must rely on a man she trusts above all others, Major General Matt Pontowski, a brilliant flyer and military tactician to save the day. His plan: a daring, almost suicidal mission into the remote Malaysian jungle, where a small force of determined warriors must hold off an ancient and fearsome warrior and avoid Armageddon.  

Dean Ing
The Ransom of Black Stealth One

Black Stealth One is an ideal intelligence-gathering aircraft and the most sophisticated and dangerous aircraft ever designed. It is stolen by a rogue U.S. agent with a grudge who takes a young and beautiful woman hostage. What follows is a tumultuous chase by the CIA, NSA, and KGB down the East Coast as they all scramble to find “Black Stealth One.”

R.J. Pineiro

Cyberterror comes alive as superterrorist Kulzak increases the flow and pressure of natural gas to San Antonio, Texas, triggering a massive explosion resulting in death and devastation far and wide. Expert counterterrorist operative Tom Grant, with the aid of FBI agent Karen Frost and computer whiz Michael Patrick Ryan, forms a special team to track the terrorists. Suddenly, Grant and his team find themselves at the center of a war for the survival of our nation and are forced to fight and stop a ruthless enemy.

David Poyer
Black Storm

Six days before America invades Iraq, Saddam Hussein threatens to unleash an unspecified weapon of mass destruction on Tel Aviv if coalition forces cross the border. A Marine reconnaissance team, led by veteran Gunnery Sergeant Marcus Gault is quickly assembled and dispatched to Iraq to locate the weapon and target it for destruction with U.S. cruise missiles. The team moves across 500 miles of desert from Saudi Arabia to Baghdad and a rendezvous with a mysterious resistance member named Shamir. As the team reaches their objective, they discover that bombing it would unleash an unimaginable horror.

Craig Thomas
Winter Hawk

The Russians are ready to launch a devastating star wars weapon on the eve of the signing of a disarmament treaty. Mitchell Gant is ordered to make a covert dash in and out of the Soviet Union to retrieve a spy with information that could stop the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty about to be signed by the U.S. and Russia. He has 48 hours to pull off the mission. As the clock ticks away, Gant flies a stolen MiL helicopter gunship, engages in dogfights, and flees through the snowy border country avoiding units with orders to kill on sight.

Robin White

Typhoons are the largest submarines built, each the size of an aircraft carrier. The U.S. has paid the Russians to scrap them, and they have except for one, the Baikal. Now she’s set sail for the Arctic on a secret mission that could jeopardize the world. When the furious Americans find out they dispatch the USS Portland, an attack submarine, to intervene and delay the transport. An international game of cat-and-mouse follows and becomes a contest between American technology and Russian cunning.


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