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Vampires, Werewolves, and Monsters


Lost Souls
Poppy Z. Brite
Fifteen-year-old Nothing has finally learned the shocking truth about his parentage: he is the son of a vampire. When he runs away from home and finds his father, together they seek out Nothing’s favorite band, Lost Souls, and the two groups meet in a violent, bloody end. Graphic scenes of sex and vampirism are not for the faint of heart, but should satisfy many horror genre fans.

The Nanny
Dan Greenburg
Human love, not blood, sustains vampire Luci Redman, and for over 100 years she has succeeded in draining the love from her victims to keep herself young and beautiful. When Phil and Juli Pressman hire her as nanny for their colicky baby, her charms allow her to control the family. When Phil grows suspicious, he must fight to save his family from the nanny, who is prepared to kill to keep her secret.

Naked Brunch
Sparkle Hayter
Annie Engel, a secretary by day and werewolf at night, becomes sought after following a series of bizarre murders. She is pursued by an inept reporter in search of the truth behind the murders, a psychiatrist who wants her to subdue her werewolf side with drugs and hypnotism, and Jim, a male werewolf who has fallen in love and wants Annie to live free, indulging her wild nature at his side.

The Historian
Elizabeth Kostova
Is the Dracula legend based on Vlad the Impaler, a long-dead aristocrat, or is Dracula in fact living as the undead, claiming victims as he continues to elude capture? When a young American discovers a medieval book and store of old letters, she becomes the latest in a line of historians caught up in this very question. With building suspense, she sifts through the clues she’s found, continuing the investigation begun by others across continents and generations.

Gil’s All Fright Diner
A. Lee Martinez
Vampire Earl and werewolf Duke just want a relaxing meal when they enter Gil’s All Night Diner, but their plans take a turn when zombies storm the restaurant and they are caught in the crossfire. Laugh-out-loud humor may catch you unaware in this lighter tale of horror, as Earl and Duke must fight off the zombies while trying to discover who is raising the dead and why.

Interview with the Vampire
Anne Rice
After 18 th-century plantation owner Louis suffers the death of his brother, he turns to alcohol and sinks into a depression. In despair, he meets charismatic, seductive Lestat, who turns Louis into a vampire. The two become dark partners who prey on the innocent even while demonstrating continued emotional torment themselves. A philosophical take on Louis’ inability to reconcile his human side with his vampire nature, the novel purposefully questions the nature of evil.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Obsessed with finding the secret of life, Victor Frankenstein spends months creating a monster out of old body parts, and one night brings the creature to life. Horrified by what he has done, Victor vows to return to a normal life, but the link between him and his creation continues, as Victor is continually torn between compassion for and horror toward the wretch he has created.

Bram Stoker
In this atmospheric Victorian classic, lawyer Jonathan Harker travels to Castle Dracula to finalize the transfer of English real estate to the Count. Suddenly attacked by his host, he realizes a horrifying secret: Count Dracula is a vampire who survives by drinking human blood. Although Jonathan tries to kill the Count, he escapes to England where he will use his terrible powers to seduce and prey on the innocent.

Lilith’s Dream: a tale of the vampire life
Whitley Strieber
Fast-paced supernatural thriller featuring v ampire hunter Paul Ward, who has succeeded in killing all but a few of the last vampires on Earth, although he is part vampire himself. He must keep a watchful eye on his son, whose mother was a full-blooded vampire, for if his son turns, Paul must kill him, too. When Lilith, the mother of all vampires, wakes from a thousand year sleep to find most of her race dead, she kidnaps Paul’s son in the hopes of using him to repopulate the vampire race.

Dead to the World
Charlaine Harris
Fantasy, mystery, and romance combine as Sookie Stackhouse, a telepath who has just broken up with her vampire lover Bill, tries to get back to a normal life. Unfortunately, she can’t escape the supernatural and is soon helping Bill’s boss Eric, a vampire with amnesia, find out who has stolen his memory and why.

The Silver Wolf
Alice Borchardt
As the Roman Empire declines, werewolf Regeane becomes a political pawn as her uncle forces her to marry, threatening to reveal her secret should she not comply. Her bridegroom makes his way into Rome to claim her, and Regeane tries to find a way to defeat her uncle and forge her own path. An imaginative exploration of the werewolf myth.

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