Adult Services

Download magazines to your mobile device with Zinio!


Check out digital magazines from our Zinio collection
  • Download complete digital magazines.
  • Create a user account using your 14-digit Winfield Library card number.
  • Choose a magazine to view, and click it to be taken to its page on the Zinio site. We have access to magazines starting at the time we subscribe. Currently all magazines will start with the Spring, May, or June 2013 issue. Back issues will accumulate as our subscription ages.
  • Borrowers must create a library account to access the library’s collection page and a separate account to read and manage their content.  This is a security feature demanded by the publishers participating in this program. You should use the same email address for both accounts.
  • will open in a new tab. To navigate from your account back to the library collection page, simply click on your browser tab labeled "Return to Library Collection."
  • Click here to download a Zinio's PDF user guide.