Library Card Information

Q. How do I get a library card?
A. If you live within incorporated Winfield, the cost of library membership is included in your real estate tax bill. You simply need to bring proof of identity and address to the circulation desk and complete an application form.

Q. How do I know if I live in incoporated Winfield?
A. Check the DuPage County Clerk's website at Put in your address, click the "Property tax distribution" button, and you will see a breakdown of your taxes. If you DO pay taxes to the library, you will see "VLG WINFIELD LIBR" listed as a portion of your property tax.

Q: I live in newly constructed apartments. Am I incorporated?
A. Winfield Station apartments are incorporated and you are eligible for a library card.

Q. What if I live in unincorporated Winfield?
A. If you live in an unincorporated area of School District 200 (Wheaton-Warrenville) or District 94 (Community High School in West Chicago) you may purchase a library card here. Between May 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023, our rate for calculating non-resident fees will be .002312. This fee covers the cost of a card for everyone in your household for one year.

For unincorporated home owners –

  • You must present most recent DuPage County tax bill.
  • You must have current identification showing you live at the address on the tax bill.
  • Tax bill must show taxes to either Unit Dist. 200 or Dist. 94
  • Multiply the current year “Net Taxable Value” shown on the bill by .002312 to get the family fee for 1 year.
    • Example: Net Taxable Value = $ 67,440.00 X .002312 = $155.92
  • If you cannot locate your current tax bill, you must come in to the library during work-week hours so we can call the Winfield Township Assessor (231-3573) or the Milton Township Assessor (653-5220) for the billing value.

For unincorporated renters –

  • You must present most recent rent receipt, lease, or other proof of monthly rent.
  • You must have current identification showing you live at the address shown on the proof of rent.
  • You must reside in Unit Dist. 200 or Dist. 94.
  • To arrive at your card cost, we will multiply ONE MONTH’s rent by .15 (15%) to determine fee.
    • Example: Rent = $900.00/mo. X .15 = $135.00

For unincorporated mobile home park residents-

  • If you rent the trailer, the procedure is the same as that for renters, as shown above.
  • If you own the trailer but rent the land, you need to provide a rent receipt for the land. Then we will use the same renter formula as shown above.


Q. What if I have not yet received a tax bill for my new home?
A. If a you have purchased a new home and have not yet received a tax bill, the fee for this year (May 2022-April 2023) is $251.13.

Q. May I purchase a card for only part of the year?
A. No, we do not issue summer or temporary library cards.

Q. May I get a refund for the cost of my fee card?
A. No, we do not issue refunds.

Q. Are businesses in the unincorporated area eligible for library cards?
A. Unincorporated businesses are eligible for a card by either providing their tax bill and using the standard formula OR by coming to an agreement with the library to provide services to us in exchange for library services. Please contact Director Matthew Suddarth for more information by calling (630) 653-7599 or by email.

Q. If I own property in Winfield but do not live in Winfield, am I eligible for a library card?
A. Non-resident property owners are eligible for 1 card for the property regardless of how many people may actually own it.

Q. May I use my Winfield Library card at other libraries?

A. Yes, whether you pay for your card through taxes or obtain a fee card, you may use your library card at any library in the state that participates in the reciprocal borrowing program. This includes all public libraries in the Reaching Across Illinois Library System.

Q. What if I lose my library card?
A. You may obtain a replacement library card at the upstairs service desk. There is a $2.00 fee for a replacement card. It is important to report a lost card because your library card has value! We don't want another person using your card and potentially losing or damaging items under your name.