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New Homes for Our Chicks

Enjoy some pictures of the chicks in their new home. These chicks were taken in by a local high school as part of their life sciences program. They're healthy and getting bigger by the day!



Week 5 Update: Moving Day

As of Monday, May 14, 2018, our chicks are almost 2 weeks old, eating constantly and growing quickly into healthy chickens. Sadly, they are outgrowing their brooder, and it is time to send them off to their forever homes. Five chicks (including our wry-neck chick) are going to a local high school where students will be learning life skills. We know these chicks will enjoy the tender loving care that the students and faculty will provide. The other 12 chicks are going to a local small farm where they will enjoy a quiet and happy life.

The chick hatching project has brought our community together, and everyone will miss their sweet chirping sounds. Together as a community we helped our wry-neck chick and nursed her to health. We learned that chicks are educational, fun, and rewarding.

Our Chick Hatching Project was a success because our staff worked diligently as a team! And because of that we had an 85% hatch rate for our first time chick hatching project.
Thank you to our wonderful community for your support and interest in our project!

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Photos at left courtesy of Randy Link.


Wry Neck Chick Update

Our chick is expected to make a full recovery! Our children's librarian Nuccia Choate took him home to give him extra care, and we have found a permanent home willing to give him the TLC he needs until he's fully healed in a few weeks.


Week Four Update: Seventeen Chicks Hatched!

Last week was the most exciting week of our hatching project: hatching week! Seventeen chicks hatched and are now in their temporary home, called a brooder. Our fluffy little chicks are growing and doing great! By now they know what to eat and they have voracious appetites!

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Feeding a chick  

A Helping Hand for Our Chicks

One of our chicks was born with wry neck, a common ailment for new chicks where their head is constantly turned upward due to a vitamin E deficiency. Our community has come together to treat him; he is being given vitamin E and had a temporary neck splint. Click here to learn more about wry neck.



Chick Hatching Count

5/1/2018 - We've had three chicks hatch and can't wait for more to come.

5/2/2018 - A total of eight chicks have now hatched!

5/3/2018 - Seventeen chicks have hatched!


Coming Out of Its Shell...

It's chick hatching day! Watch a chick being born in real time in the video at left.


Week 3 Update: Hatching Day is Near!

Turn up the volume to hear the chicks chirping inside their eggs! We think they will hatch in the next day or so. Come by May 1 to see if we're right!

Click here for this week's detailed update (.pdf) to learn more about the week leading up to hatching.



Week 2 Update

We're checking up on our chicks using the candling technique! Candling simply means shining a light on either end of the end to check development. We could clearly see the air pockets on either end plus a mass in the middle.

We're constantly checking the incubator's temperature and humidity to keep it a hospitable environment for these eggs.

Inside the eggs this week, feathers began to form, the beak hardened, and the toes are now fully formed!

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Incubator with two staff members placing eggs.  

Week 1 Update

Getting ready for 24 chicken eggs isn't easy! We had to be sure the incubator's temperature and humidity were perfect to be sure our chicks would be comfortable in their new home. The incubator slowly turns the eggs to help keep the chick positioned correctly within the egg. Be sure to drop by the Youth Services desk to see the eggs as they incubate.

This week inside the eggs, the eyes began forming and heart began beating!

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Chick Hatching Project
April-May 2018

After successfully having a worm compost and butterfly program in the past, we're excited about having a chick hatching project at the library! Come to the Youth Services desk to watch the eggs' progress as they hatch into chicks. We will post updates on our website and our Facebook page throughout the process.

First Update - Project Outline (.pdf)